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I charge based on how long it takes me to complete a project, at a rate of $7 an hour.
This means that, given you are willing to pay based on however long your commission takes me, you will not have to pay until the commission is finished. However, please follow through.
A video of your commission being made. Also $7 an hour.
These commissions are $4 an hour, taking into consideration the given fact that you'll also be buying a product with the design on it. My margin from these products is always small, hence why I also charge for the making of the design. It might sound stingy, but I gotta make a living too.

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word - new rap/song lyrics
Just another voice, just another singer
Ring, ring, I’m another dead ringer
Spittin’ image of somebody else that spits lyrics that you know
__ With better kick better grip better flow
Just another major four, minor two, minor six
Another little kid with her sleeve full of tricks
Another runner-up and coming with a fear and a fight
But of course it don’t mean nothing ‘less you hear and (it) hits you right
So why… why me? Why not?
So why… why me? Why not?
Why do I decide to sing out — Why do I sing…?
For the world to hear with its crowded ears? (yeh)
You’ve prolly heard this in a thousand better ways
You’ve heard my message coming from a different face
Maybe you’ve got a better way to spend your time
Maybe I haven’t got a reason or a better word
Maybe the same words made a little more sense
Comin’ off another tongue, but tell me, what’s the difference?
Do I lack convict
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BlueNightVessel has started a donation pool!
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Starting small. Idk. Points for sarcasm?

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Here's the long and short of it.
    :bulletred: I have designs.
    :bulletred: They are for sale on shirts of all kinds, phone/laptop cases, pillows, bags, journals, mugs, and stickers.
    :bulletred: I will gladly accept requests for shirt designs, given a promise of purchase!
    :bulletred: I'm trying to pay for college without loans this fall.

I have two jobs for the summer. One of them gives me a consistent 24 hours a week at $10/hour, and the other gives me varying shifts - maximum 8 hours a week - at $9/hour. Subtract from that my rent, living expenses, and federal withholdings and I still have at least half of what I earned. Not bad, right?

The problem is, in the fall, I will likely owe over $3,000. Which still isn't bad, and I recognize that. However, aside from my university's generous financial aid, I am paying these expenses on my own. Everything is in my name, and what I earn is what I have to work with.

I took out a loan last semester for somewhere around $3k that helped me cover school costs in my time of need, and I'm not too concerned about that, as I should be able to pay off that loan without too much trouble in the future. But I don't want to keep taking out loans. I would much rather pay what I need to now, and not worry about more debt in long run.

With my level of income from all sources - both of my jobs and my sales on Redbubble and TeePublic - I'm not at all likely to earn $3k before the end of August (when the college payment is due). In fact, my sales on Redbubble are the sparsest source of income, bringing in only a little over $30 in a year (TeePublic has earned me $56 in the last several months).

I would love, love, love to be able to pay for college on my own this semester without the "help" of a federal loan. But in order to do that I'm going to need a lot of help, and the most practical direction in which to turn is towards my Redbubble and TeePublic shoppers.

If none of my current designs appeal to you, tell me! I will gladly make a design and put it on some products for you if there is a promise of purchase in store for me. (Note: This design would not be your intellectual/creative property and would still rest under my design, for all intents and purposes.) Meanwhile, if you know somebody who is a fan of the subjects of my artwork/designs, tell them! Refer them to my TeePublic or Redbubble stores (both under Nightvessel), or direct them to my Facebook page:
If you are a gracious, way-too-nice person and you'd rather donate to me directly, I use Venmo (PayPal doesn't do much these days, unfortunately) and would be willing to give you the deets if that's what you'd rather do.

Thanks for reading.


p.s. wish I could change my Deviant name ugh


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all of y'all were punk'd by MCRX. so here's something to rub in that fresh teen angst you were reliving.
just a lil bit of G Way face practice.

personal thought: stop expecting people to cater to your desires. everybody continually nags their favorite bands of the past to do reunion tours, come together for just one last concert, record one more song, and on it goes. stop. they're people too, they have their own lives and ultimately it's up to them what to do with their careers in music or otherwise. furthermore, Gerard was very explicit about the breakup and told everyone everything they needed to know. all of the members have been busy with their personal projects and that's okay. let's just enjoy what the band did put out - because they gave us their hearts in the form of music. we need to appreciate what they poured out and move on ourselves.
not looking to start an argument. simply stating my thoughts in response to what I saw so many of my own friends saying on social media yesterday.


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